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Aranka Adelina Vass was born in 1996 in Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Between 2015-2018 she studied fashion design at the French-educational Mod'Art International Hungary in Budapest. Her graduation collection was presented in the selection of the Budapest Central European Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2019, and her silhouettes have been published in several online and print magazines.

She is currently a studying Digital Object Design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. 



​2022-. Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Digital Object Design BA 2015-2018. Mod’Art International Hungary, Budapest, Fashion Design 2011-2015. Tamási Áron High School, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Sciences, English - intensive specialisation


2024, Designisso: Mélyrétegekbe kapcsolva – Vass Aranka Adelina CO-SWITCH projektje 2023, Award for Best Designer-Maker, MOME End of Term Exam 2022, Winter 2021 issue of ZöldForbes: my macramé flower holders as a "sustainable gift idea" 2021, Patronage '99 - costume design - 2nd place 2021, Trafó - Thought Generator "My Case" - 2nd place 2019, MOL Fresh Corner moulded garment design - 1st place 2018, Marie Claire: "The most promising fashion designers graduating this year" 2017, Auchan: In Extenso - capsule collection design - top5


In limbo: Navigating the states in-between, TÉR, Odorheiu Secuiesc, 2024 Diploma collection runway show, Artwise, Hungarian Cultural Days in Cluj, 2019 Diploma collection runway show, Vibe Festival, Târgu Mureș, 2019 Young Talents – Budapest Central European Fashion Week AW2019-20, Diploma collection runway show, 2019 Set/garment appearance: ELLE (HU), FASHION STREET Magazin (HU), PONNY MAG, Moevir Magazine, Yoko Magazine, Pap Magazine


2024- . Off Space (Odorhei)

CO-SWITCH psychological board game

In the series of nine photographs Autopsy of forgetting, I focus on memory – a sometimes

distorted, often incomplete reconstruction of the past. I start from Polaroid frames that I

Sharing. For loose topics and in-depth discussions. 


CO-SWITCH is a psychological board game that thematises the eight areas of our lives, based on the associative potential of objects.

In FLOAT mode (beige), you have to represent a single expression, in DEEP mode (blue) you have to answer a single question using objects. The former is designed to initiate competitive, the latter intimate dialogues, where visualisation and shared thinking help you to get to know yourself and your peers better, in a safe, accepting environment. You can switch between modes by flipping over puzzle and object set cards, or by changing the decks of cards.


Number of players: max 4. Recommended for players aged 16 and up

Once you don’t need it: all I have is yours

The kinetic installation is meant to represent a dynamic that I have experienced several times in my life, and which Sándor Weöres put into words in his aphorism The Lessons of Life: „Once you don’t need it: all I have is yours” - this is the caption of the market hall of life.”


Once you give up on your goal, you reach it. Once you renounce something, it becomes available again. Once you say goodbye to someone, he/she turns back towards you.



„all I have is yours”. What, who is my everything? You. So you can see details of yourself in the installation. As you approach the work, the reflective elements turn away, so you can’t see yourself. As you move away from the perception zone, the reflective elements turn towards you, so you can see yourself, but only from afar.

Body talks (2022)

The main source of inspiration for the collection is my experiences and memories from the first Vanishing Point psychedelic rock festival in 2017. The moods, visual and auditory impulses I experienced there provided the keywords that serve as the pillars of the collection.


The other constant source of inspiration comes from my own origins. As a Szekler, as part of an already oppressed minority, I feel it is my duty to cherish our culture, to preserve and pass on our traditions. To this end, I have incorporated colours, stripes and their scales, as well as some shapes from our folk costumes, into my diploma collection.

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