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The historic garden as inspiration

and experience for the modern world


In the modern world, where everything is changing so fast, it is important to protect our world heritage as they are part of our historical and cultural evolution. These include historic gardens and fortresses, which have deteriorated significantly over time. By understanding the historical context and through archaeological excavations, we get a picture of what these places might have looked like in the past, what was important to the people of the time, how such fortresses were built and what the function of a fortress court was at that time. When restoring these gardens, the aspects mentioned above must be taken into account, and it is important not only to create a green space for relaxation, but also to give the place a new function that attracts people and connects them with the past. A cultural centre will be created in the grounds of Székely Támadt as a new function so that people can connect with the historic garden while learning about their own cultural values. In addition to the renovation of the fortress walls, the garden will be designed in accordance with this new function, and the appearance of the old garden was taken into account when choosing the vegetation. By protecting these exceptional places, the community recognises and takes responsibility for preserving this shared heritage for future generations.



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