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Hanna Csender graduated from the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, with a degree in Film, Photography and Media in 2022.

In her work she presents her world through posed portraits and close-ups, using make-up and different textures to create dreamlike images. Her photographs are often accompanied by graphic works, resulting in mixed media works. 


Mors Somno Simillima est (2021)

The dream world is a place where the barriers of consciousness are broken down, giving space to our repressed desires, memories and traumas. Every dream is unique, yet there are symbols, motifs and themes that connect them. During dreaming there is no chance of reality testing, so everything we experience there can be either developmental or destructive in our personal development. The dreamer thus becomes a kind of portal between the dream reality and what is perceived as reality.


The drawings in this project, together with the series of photographs, are subjective projections of this process.

Non omnis moriar (2023)

In my project I present a state that takes place between the real and the afterlife, between female entities that belong neither to the living nor to the dead. Their beauty is the source of the admiration that fuels their power, but their capriciousness is the cause of their unpredictable intentions. One candle can provide a portal to pass between worlds, for they are not completely dead....


2018-2021. Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania Film, Photography and Media BA

2014-2018. Dr. Palló Imre Art High School

Graphic Design



First Cut IV (group exhibition) 

Cluj-Napoca (RO), Sapientia EMTE

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