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Tünde Hegedűs' new collection at the 10th edition of the Diploma Show

This year, the 10th edition of the festival showcasing a new generation of young, emerging artists, designers and architects takes place from 7-10 October. Tünde Hegedűs is participating in the Diploma Show in Bucharest with her new collection titled "Identity".

Hegedűs emphasises the importance of learning about the past as a pillar of self-discovery. According to her, knowing the past is an important prerequisite for creating the new.

"Knowing our past is an important part of self-discovery. We need to be aware of where we come from, what background we have been part of since childhood, who the heroes of our own history have been and how all this affects us. To create something new and unique, we need to know our past and ourselves."

For the artist, Szeklerland, or more precisely Korond, her home village, is a starting point, whose traditional elements are used to give us a glimpse into a small part of Szeklerland from the designer's point of view and to encourage us to reflect on our own past.


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