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Bence Fazakas graduated with a degree in photography, cinematography from the Sapientia EMTE university in 2020.


His works typically consists of visually complex photoseries, which usually process themes and questions from his environment. He usually expresses his works through the medium of analog photography, often experimenting/combining different analog techniques. 



2019. MMA 2019-2022 Arts Scholarship Programme


2023- . Off Space (Odorhei)


"Világ a világban"

A fény képei / II. Fotóművészeti Szalon / 2021, Budapest (HU)


First Cut III - group exhibition / 2019, Univ. Sapientia, Cluj-Napoca (RO)


VIZUALIA photo festival - group exhibition / 2019, Cluj-Napoca (RO)


FOCUS photo festival - group exhibition / 2019, Cluj-Napoca (RO)

2017-2018. Moholy-Nagy Univ. of Art and Design Budapest

Photography MA

2016-2018. Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania

Film Studies MA

2013-2016. Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania

Film, Photography and Media BA


Those Who Love Me Are Far Away (2019-)

"I've learned not to get attached to anyone, people come into my life and then suddenly disappear when I need them."

The series "Those Who Love Me Are Far Away" follows the daily lives of children living in children's shelters in Romania. A story that shows how these children are separated from their families and placed in an institution that tries to create an artificial family environment for them. Many of them are not orphans, just living in abject poverty, that is why families break up. Due to poverty and irresponsible childbearing, thousands of children are still living on the breadline in Romania. After experiencing deprivation, hunger and cold, these children are separated from their birth parents and placed in an institution. The psychological and physical trauma then slowly consumes them. Some children will never be able to live a full life. Parental abuse is not uncommon, especially if the parents were alcoholics. These homes provide shelter, but it is far from enough for these children, they need much more attention, because the traumas they have suffered in childhood will affect them for the rest of their lives. This series of photos is an attempt to show that.

This house is not for sale because it is uninhabitable

This series gives us an insight into the life of a man who lives in isolation with his

partner on the outskirts of a dead-end village. For them, time passes differently, they live

their daily lives by different rules and have only few contact with the outside world.

Although the village has its own opinion of them, I have tried to show what they have

shown me of their lives.


If photography comes to mind, I instantly think of film. Although digital photography replaced it, film made a comeback in the past few years. Many people born into the digital age started to recognize the beauty of film photography. When I got my first film camera, I feel like that was the point when I really started to understand what photography really is. It's the true form of photography... light, materials, chemical reactions, not some computer chip composing the picture of pixels for you.

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