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Tünde Hegedűs is a Transylvanian fashion designer currently studying in Cluj-Napoca. She completed her BA studies in fashion design at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca between 2018-2021. Then she started her MA studies at the same university, where she is still studying the mysteries of the profession. She believes that every person is a puzzle made up of the pieces of life's puzzle. At each stage of life, one acquires different qualities and influences her art and work.


2021- . University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca

Fashion Design MA

2018-2021. University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca

Fashion Design BA

2014-2018. Baczkamadarasi Kis Gergely Reformed C.

Philology, theology


Visual music / group project colaborated with Filarmonica de Stat Transilvania and Raluca Ciornea / 2022

International Arts of Fashion Competition / Resonance/ finalist / 2022, Medellín (CO)

EC x IS x UAD / Fashion unplugged / university group project colaborated with Irina Schrotter and Electric Castle / 2022



"Knowing our past is an important part of self-discovery. We need to be aware of where we come from, what background we have been part of since childhood, who the heroes of our own history have been and how all this affects us. To create something new and unique, we need to know our past and ourselves." This is the basic idea behind the concept Tünde has applied to her own medium. She focused on Szeklerland and Korond, her beloved village, where many traditional elements can be found, not only in ceramics, but also in Szekler gates and local costumes. The project was initiated with the aim of offering a view through her prism of a small part of Szeklerland and to make viewers think about their own past.


Group project. Collaboration with Filarmonica de Stat Transilvania and Raluca Ciornea

Photo credit: Raluca Ciornea


Arts of Fashion

Calm is a familiar word in people vocabulary, but this kind of calm lasts for a few moments, a few minutes or, in a few cases, days, but fear is always present in our vocabulary, in our days, in our moments.

Not one person, not two, but almost all the people in the world feel and live with it. It is the emotion by which people most resonate with each other, without it being conscious and spoken. It is a feeling that resonates with all people.

The carnation flower on the silhouettes has a symbolic meaning, associated with death: it is central to funerals and gravestones, and it's mostly used at these times.

Project for International Arts of Fashion Competition

photo credit: Hunor Tóth


Fashion Unplugged is the latest project of a group of young designers from Cluj-Napoca who want to meet at Electric Castle with music and fashion lovers in a unique setup, a Fashion Stage where they will exhibit, promote and sell Romanian design. There will be 19 designers, graduates of the University of Art and Design in Cluj, fashion, make-up and hairstyling stylists, photographers and special guests. The program of the days includes styling workshops and clothing consultancy, trends will be presented and there will be personalized shopping sessions. Products have been specially designed for the event, with the common theme of festival outfits. Visitors to Fashion Unplugged will be able to purchase the pieces on site at affordable prices for the general public.

University group project. Collaboration between Electric Castle, Irina Schrotter and UAD

photo credit: COSTRUT

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