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Andrea Sándor graduated from the Fashion Design BA programme at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca (UAD).


Growing up in the natural surroundings of Odorheiu- Secuiesc, as an active scout in 08.Z. Sebess József scout troop she pays great attention to the protection of the environment and encourages a problem-solving approach to fashion. 


Essential Connection (2023)

The concept of the scientific project is to develop innovative solutions to address and solve problems related to short product life, quality degradation, consumerism and the fashion industry. The "Essential Connection" collection is based on the modernisation of garments from grandma's trousseau. The main aim is to modernise old clothes while preserving important details. Materials, textures, colours suggest sources of inspiration. In the collection the pieces are made of natural, sustainable materials that are durable over time, but also practical and comfortable to wear. The proposals of materials, embroideries, applications are based on personal observations of natural structures over time. Techniques for manipulating fibres and constructing materials are crochet, embroidery, floral appliqué and mixed techniques. The most important and complex material processing was machine embroidery.


First outfit: the entire material is machine embroidered with sewing machine, beige and textile petal flowers applied in several layers.


Second outfit: on the poncho the flowers are stitched with buttonholes in the centre; the top is crocheted from 6 tablecloths sewn together.

Photo credit: Raluca Ciornea

Photo credit: Raluca Ciornea


2020-2023. University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca (UAD) 

Fashion Design BA


Romanian Creative Week / Iași / 2023

UAD FASHION SHOW / Cluj-Napoca / 2023

Feeric Fashion Week/ Sibiu / 2023


2023- . Off Space (Odorhei)

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